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Membership Information for Indian Companies

Membership Fee: US$360/ Per year


  1. Hosting the Member company on Association Home page and advertise through various exhibitions, news paper in Japan.
  2. Product profile shall be translated in Japanese language and promote through our website.
  3. Organize business meetings with potential buyers.
  4. Assistance for Visa in Japan, Hotel accommodation, import export, trade related enquiries.
  5. Procurement of samples for product development and adaptation.
  6. Generation of trade enquiries and dissemination of trade information.
  7. Arrange visit of designers, experts, consultants etc. for product development and adaptation.
  8. Market Trend and Exhibition Information : We provide the latest industry tendency and company information wishing to enter the international trading between India and Japan in various industrial fields timely through various media, also we select and introduce exhibitions worth your participating.
  9. Exhibiting Supports : Full-scale supports of your exhibiting: application, planning of displays, transportation, decoration, operation and removal. Offers of various ways of exhibiting, as: - Normal shell stall – Decorated stall- Catalogue exhibiting - Trial corner (Stall Sharing)
  10. Seminars, Business matching, Buyer Seller Meet, Info exchange meetings. : We invite lecturers to our seminars that come from various fields, are well versed in industry, market and economic trends in both India and Japan to provide the latest information, also we hold the BSM among the members for business info exchanges.
  11. Marketing, Consulting, Advertisement, Sales Promotion : We provide Marketing, Multi-survey, variety of Consulting services, Advertisement agency, Sales promotion, to support Indian Companies to enter the Japanese market.
  12. Sales/ Purchase agencies Logistics Support : We would be an excellent sales agency, and/or purchase agency. Also providing total logistics service from Ex-Factory to Turn-Key at site.